Modeling, Simulating, and Analyzing 2D IR-Raman and 2D electronic-vibrational Spectroscopies


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Date and time 26.09.2019 17:1518:15  
Place and room
Speaker Prof Yoshitaka Tanimura
Kyoto University, Japan
Category Conferences - Seminars

Understanding dynamics in complex environments of molecular liquids and biological systems has been a central topic of investigation in chemistry and biology, because many important chemical processes occur exclusively in such media. The key feature of this system is that it describes irreversible dynamics refers to open quantum dynamics through which the primary system evolves toward the thermal equilibrium state at finite temperature. Our group have been working on this problem on the basis of the reduced equations of motion approach. In this talk, I overview our latest results for the following three topics.
1) 2D IR-Raman spectroscopy for liquid water [1].
2) Machine learning approach for modeling liquids water [2]
2) 2D electronic vibrational spectroscopies (2DEVS) for non-adiabatic transition system[3-5]
References (PDF:
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[2] S. Ueno and Y. Tanimura, Modeling intermolecular and intramolecular modes of liquid water with using multiple heat baths: Data-mining approach, in preparation.
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2D IR-Raman spectra of liquid water calculated from full MD simulations for (i) 2D Raman-IR-IR, (ii) 2D IR-Raman-IR and (iii) 2D IR-IR-Raman spectroscopies. (Ref. [1])
2D EVS for non-adiabatic dynamics (Ref .3)
Transient absorption spectra of a three-state system (right figure) for an overdamped case obtained from the (i) multi-state quantum Smoluchowski Eq. (MS-QSE-LT) (ii) multi-state classical Smoluchowski Eq. (MS-SE) or Zusman Eq., (iii) fewest switch surface hopping (FSSH) methods, and (iv) Ehrenfest methods, respectively. (Ref. [5])