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Date 18.01.2022 12:1514:30  
Speaker PhD Students / doctorantes et doctorants
Category Public Science Events
Event Language French, English

The selections of the contest My Thesis in 180 seconds (MT180) will be held on Wednesday 12 January, Tuesday 18 January and Friday 4 February 2022. For each participant, the goal is to present his or her research in simple, straightforward terms in 3 minutes before an audience. This is thus an exercise in popularizing the thesis and explaining it, in French or English, in a clear, concise and compelling manner – all with the support of a single slide !
The public is welcome to listen and encourage the candidates during the selections and nominate his/her favourite candidate. A prize of CHF 200 will be awarded after each selection session (12 January,m 18 January and 4 February) to the candidate selected by the public. Fourteen participants will be selected following the sessions for the EPFL Final which will take place on 24 March 2022.
COVID Certificate required to access the room.

Running Order Selection 18 January

  1. Harmina Vejayan, «Understanding water dissociation on O-Cu(111)» (EDCH, Prof. Rainer Beck) English
  2. Eric Paic, «Strong and microlensing of distant quasars» (IPHYS, M. Prof. Frédéric Courbin) Français
  3. Adélie Garin, «From Trees to Barcodes and Back Again: A Combinatorial, Probabilistic and Geometric Study of a Topological Inverse Problem» (EDMA, Prof. Kathryn Hess) English
  4. Renato Zanetti, «Wearable Systems for Real-time Personalized Monitoring of Neurological Disorders» (EDEE, Profl. David Atienza) English
  5. Arnout Devos, «Few-shot Learning for Versatile Artificial Intelligence» (EDIC EPFLinnovators, Prof. Matthias Grossglauser) English
  6. Celia Hacker, «k-simplex2vec: a simplicial extension of node2vec» (EDMA, Prof. Kathryn Hess) English
  7. Herberto Dhanis, «Modulating Hallucinations in Parkinson's Disease» (EDNE, Prof. Olaf Blanke & Dimitri Van De Ville) English
  8. Laura Hermans, «Long-Term imaging of the ventral nervous system in behaving adult Drosophila» (EDBB EPFLInnovators, Pr. Pavan Ramdya and Pr. Selman Sakar) English
  9. Leonardo Rocha, «Deciphering the role of a virulence-associated system in Vibrio cholerae» (EDMS, Prof. Melanie Blokesch) English
  10. Connor Firth, «Robust High Efficiency Artificial Photosynthesis using Organic Semiconductors» (EDCH, Prof. Kevin Sivula) English
  11. Sven Najem-Meyer, «How does a tragic Hero dies ? Building a multi commentary» (EDDH, Frederic Kaplan) English
  12. Michaël Defferrard, «Leveraging topology, geometry, and symmetries for efficient Machine Learning» (EDEE, Prof. Pierre Vandergheynst) Français
  13. Arooj Akbar, «Fast hotspot detection in superconducting power applications using optical fibre sensing» (EDEE, Bertrand Dutoit) English

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  • Service de promotion des sciences / Science Outreach Departement


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