MT180: Public Selections


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Date 25.01.2023
Hour 12:0014:15
Speaker PhD Students / doctorantes et doctorants
Category Public Science Events
Event Language French, English

The selections of the contest My Thesis in 180 seconds (MT180) will be held on Wednesday 25 January, Tuesday 31 January and Friday 3 February 2023 face-to-face (not remote). For each participant, the goal is to present his or her research in simple, straightforward terms in 3 minutes before an audience. This is thus an exercise in popularizing the thesis and explaining it, in French or English, in a clear, concise and compelling manner – all with the support of a single slide !
The public is welcome to listen and encourage the candidates during the selections and nominate his/her favourite candidate. A prize of CHF 200 will be awarded after each selection session (12 January,m 18 January and 4 February) to the candidate selected by the public. Fourteen participants will be selected following the sessions for the EPFL Final which will take place on 30 March 2023.

The selections are not recorded or broadcast live to the public. Only the public on site can vote for the selections.

Opening of doors for the public:

  • 12:00 to 12:15 - be on time ! Doors are closing at 12:15

Running Order - Selection 25 January
  1. Seoyeon Yun, «Occupant-centric HVAC control for optimal air quality, comfort and energy use based on advanced sensing strategies», Human-Oriented Built Environment Lab (Prof. Dusan Licina), English
  2. Laura Paez, «The neuromechanics of elongated bodies interacting with the environment», Biorobotics Lab (Prof. Auke Ijspeert), English
  3. Anna Karla de Almeida Santos, «Conditions of habitability in a persistent Company Town. Rethinking the industrial cities and their productive habitats», Labo d’urbanisme (Prof. Paola Viganò), Français
  4. Jorge Madrid Wolff, «Volumetric 3D printing in a scattering resin», Applied Photonics Devices Lab (Prof. Chistophe Moser, Photonics), English
  5. Roya Moghaddasi Fereidani, «Variational Gaussian wavepacket dynamics», Theoretical Physical Chemistry Lab (Prof. Jiri Vanicek), English
  6. Jan Pisl, «Understanding tropical deforestation with machine learning», Environmental Computational Science and Earth Observation Lab (Prof. Devis Tuia), English
  7. Xiaomeng Hu, «Nanovaccine for personalized treatment», Biomaterials for Immunoengineering Lab, (Prof. Li Tang), English
  8. Ivo Beck, «Investigation of sources and processes of aerosols over the high Arctic Ocean», Extreme Environements Research Lab(Prof. Julia Schmale), English
  9. Ayush Agarwal, «Developing elemental analysis methods for characterizing trace gas compounds and nano-objects in process effluents and environmental samples», Bioenergy and Catalysis Lab (Prof. Christian Ludwig), English
  10. Luca Binci, «Exotic forms of magnetism in complex materials», Theory and simulation of materials Lab (Prof. Nicola Marzari), English
  11. Irina Sinenko, «Development of three-dimensional preclinical models to accelerate the discovery of improved retinoblastoma treatments», Organometallic and Medicinal Chemistry Lab (Prof. Paul J. Dyson), English
  12. Georgios Rovas, «Development of a compliance-matching aortic graft», Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Technology Lab (Prof. Nikolaos Stergiopulos), English

Practical information

  • General public
  • Free


  • Service de promotion des sciences / Science Outreach Departement


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