Nature of Robotics: An Expanded Field


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Date and time 02.03.2021 25.04.202111:0018:00  
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Speaker EPFL: Prof. Auke Ijspeert’s Biorobotics Laboratory (BioRob), Prof. Herbert Shea’s Soft Transducers Laboratory (LMTS), Prof. Selman Sakar’s MicroBioRobotic Systems (MICROBS) Laboratory, Prof Jamie Paik’s Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory (RRL). Artistes: Haseeb Ahmed, Claudia Comte, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Agnes Denes, Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson, Urs Fischer, Basim Magdy, Jürg Lehni, Adrien Missika, Katja Novitskova, Trevor Paglen, Léa Pereyre & PATHOS, Jean Tinguely et Suzanne Treister
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Under its new banner “EPFL Pavilions”, ArtLab is devoting its winter programme to the theme of robotics to instigate a thought process on the emerging perspectives and scenarios of this rapidly expanding field.

Nature of Robotics: An Expanded Field aims to highlight the state of art of the robotics discourse today in the Swiss academic context, as well as fostering contemplation on the expansion and impact of this scientific area in our imagination and its future uses for the understanding of our environment.

Through artists’ works and scientific productions, Nature of Robotics invites contemporary reflection on the place of artificial agents in our natural and social ecosystems. Visions emerging from the laboratories are juxtaposed with speculative creatures, drawings, diagrams, and videos produced by contemporary artists.

The premise for Nature of Robotics is to offer an unconventional look at the subject of robotics and to extend its understanding into broader notions situated at the frontier between science and the visual arts. The exhibition space becomes a platform and arena for the confrontation of different viewpoints, offering a range of perspectives in order to unpack and reflect on the new frontiers of this expanded field. “Modular”, “reconfigurable”, “soft”, “micro” and “bio” robotics manifest the emerging scenarios of a discipline facing constant renewal. The new paradigms of robotics are evidence of the emergence of a scientific sphere at the crossroads of different disciplines, such as robotics, computational neuroscience, biomechanics, behavioural systems and machine learning.

Opening a realm of speculation common to scientific and artistic research, the show thus also investigates the interdisciplinary concerns of robotics today, as well as its impact on society and environment.

Curator: Giulia Bini
EPFL Pavilions Director: Sarah Kenderdine

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