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  Thursday 15 February 2018 12:00 Bibliothèque de l'EPFL

Noon Talk #3: unexpected aspects of publishing research data

By Stéphane Joost

Join us at the Library on February 15th for Noon Talk #3! Stéphane Joost (senior research and teaching associate at LASIG), will share the unexpected challenges he and his colleagues faced when publishing research data and how they overcame them.

Stéphane Joost will talk about three experiences he lived:

  1. Publishers’ requirements: what to do when publishing data is compulsory, whereas the data provider prohibits it?
  2. Case of the cartography of a wildlife reserve in Namibia: it is important to publish in Open Access to share knowledge on the reserve. However, this kind of information can lead to bad use by poachers. How to find the right balance?
  3. The Nextgen data case: on the one hand, scientific community needs to access to data. On the other hand, data producers want recognition for their work. How to find balance between the interests and needs of the two parties?
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