Open Science Showcase | The Story of Materials Cloud


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Date 29.09.2023
Hour 12:0013:00
Speaker Prof. Nicola Marzari, EPFL Dr. Giovanni Pizzi, PSI
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Come and discover Materials Cloud - a pioneering open platform from NCCR MARVEL that changes the way researchers access, share, and collaborate on computational materials science.

In an age where scientific progress hinges on the principles of openness, collaboration, and accessibility, Materials Cloud stands as a shining example of what a good open science project can achieve. Nicola Marzari, NCCR MARVEL director and Giovanni Pizzi, lead PI and architect of MARVEL's Open Science Infrastructure will share its story and what makes it so successful, a gateway to understanding how open science projects are transforming the landscape of science and reshaping the future of research.

What makes a project durable and engaging in the long run?
How can we build more sustainable Open Science projects that federate communities to build on each other’s work, together?
What does working on an Open Science project entail for a researcher's career?

We hope that Nicola and Giovanni's testimonies will inspire you to innovate and push the boundaries of Open Science.


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