Particle accelerators, tools for basic research


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Date 27.02.2023
Hour 16:3517:15
Speaker Prof. Mike Seidel, Particle Accelerator Physics Laboratory, EPFL
Category Inaugural lectures - Honorary Lecture
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15:15   Prof. Lesya Shchutska
15:55   Prof. Victor Gorbenko
16:35   Prof. Mike Seidel

Today’s particle accelerators are highly adapted and optimized for specific research and medical applications. In collisions of beams at the highest energies exotic particles like the Higgs boson are produced. Accelerators generate photon pulses of extreme intensities to study structures at the atomic level. And cancer can be treated efficiently with ion beams and artificially produced radioactive isotopes. At the Laboratory for Particle Accelerator Physics we perform research on a variety of accelerator concepts, mainly for the large scale facilities at the institutions CERN and PSI. Many of our activities are embedded in the Swiss Accelerator Research and Technology initiative CHART.

Mike Seidel is working in the field of particle accelerators since 1990 and received his PhD from the University Hamburg in accelerator physics. As a Postdoc he joined the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in 1995. In the first part of his career he worked on X-band accelerator structures, the particle physics collider HERA and vacuum systems for accelerators. After several years of engagement at DESY, Hamburg, he joined the Paul Scherrer Institute in 2006 as department head Accelerator Operation and Development with a focus on the cyclotron based High Intensity Proton Accelerator (HIPA) and the therapy facility PROSCAN. From 2020 he assumed the position of the division head Large Research Facilities, became a member of the PSI directorate and was appointed as professor for accelerator physics at EPFL. Within the European programs EUCARD-2, ARIES and the ongoing I.FAST he coordinates work packages on energy efficient accelerator concepts. He chairs the CERN Machine Advisory Committee CMAC.


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