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  Thursday 17 May 2018 16:00 - 20:30 SG 1138

Personalised Healthcare: Big data and technologies for tailored therapies and prevention

What is personalised healthcare? And why does the world need it?
How do we improve treatments and diagnostics with personalised approaches?
Is there such a thing as “knowing too much” about yourself?

As Sir William Osler noted in the late 19th century “[there is] great variability among individuals”. Although this statement was merely more than an observation at the time it has, over the subsequent century, become the basic concept upon which personalised treatments are based. Traditional treatment plan does not have anything to do with the patient as an individual – it is identical for everyone around the world with the same disease. It is too often a trial and error approach as patients try several treatments in case one does not work, leading to huge risks for patients. Personalised or precision medicine combines clinical knowledge, advanced diagnostic techniques and data analysis to provide tailor-made, more effective prevention and treatment strategies for individuals.
The 4th Annual Conference this year introduces the next generation researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs with different facets of personalised medicine. Through the participation of representatives from every sector of the health system, this interdisciplinary conference is comprised of 3 main sessions to explore the current state of “Personalised Healthcare” in Switzerland and worldwide. Join us in Auditorium SG1 at EPFL if you don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about digital personalized medicine and dealing with big data as well as innovation towards personalized prevention, diagnostics and treatments.


16:00-16:30 State of the Art of Personalised Medicine
16:30-17:30 Digital Personalised Medicine - Importance, Benefits and Risks
                    Coffee break, booth space
17:50- 18:45 Innovation towards Personalised Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatments 
18:45-19:30 Industry and Academia - The need for a Multidisciplinary Approach in Genomics
                    Light apéro dinner, networking and booth space

Confirmed Speakers and Companies:

Professor Didier Trono School of Life Sciences, EPFL - Co-coordinator, Health 2030 Initiative

Professor Manolis Dermitzakis - Department of Genetic Medicine and Development, University of Geneva - Director, Health 2030 Genome Center

Valérie Barbié - Head of Clinical Bioinformatics, SIB

Professor Jean-Pierre Hubaux - Computer Communications and Applications Laboratory, EPFL

Laura Leoty - Biomedical Engineer, Balgrist CARD AG

Matteo Lai - Co-founder and CEOEmpatica

Nathalie Brandenberg - Co-founder and COO, SUN Bioscience

Fabien Rebeaud - Chief Scientific Officer, Abionic

Saeed Omidi - Bioinformatics Data Scientist, SOPHiA GENETICS

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