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  Friday 23 June 2017

Presentation of the Vice Presidency for Research

Come and meet the Vice Presidency for Research!

The Vice Presidency for Research (VPR) is organising a half day meeting to give new professors at EPFL the opportunity to meet all the services of the VPR.

The VPR determines and implements the research strategy of EPFL. It is responsible for research contracts, technology transfer, scientific information and intellectual property, and ensures that the interests and values of the institution are upheld. It manages scientific equipment and technological platforms and coordinates and follows the development of inter-institutional and transdisciplinary entities.

08.45 - 09.05:    Welcome Message
                          Matthias Gäumann, Director of Research Affairs
09.10 - 09.55:    Reseach Office (ReO)
                          Caroline Vandevyver, Head of Research Office
10.00 - 10.45:    Technology Transfer Office (TTO)
                          Gabriel Clerc, Head of Technology Transfer Office
11.00 - 11.45:    Equipment & Centers Management Office (ECO)
                          Pierre-Yves Bolinger, Head of Equipment & Centers Management

11.50 - 12.35     Scientific Information & Libraries
                          Isabelle Kratz, Head of Scientific Information & Libraries
12.40 - 13.45:    Networking Lunch    
                          with Andreas Mortensen, Vice President for Research         

Interested? Please contact the Research Office to register.

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Accessibility Informed public

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