Quantum computing workshop #2 : Quantum technology applications in social issues


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Date and time 04.12.2019 19:1520:45  
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We are excited to present you our 2nd workshop that will continue tackling the opportunities that can be created by the near to come quantum era.

In this workshop, we are changing our approach and widen up the targeted public by proposing a new format that will hopefully involve everyone's contribution. 

Members of the association have taken the initiative to present you their research on opportunities offered by quantum computation in three topics that all bear a critical impact in social issues of our century.

The topics are the following :

AI & Machine Learning 
- Simulation of materials and molecules
- Geopolitics : When quantum technology meets economics 

The workshop will be led this time as a brainstorming session.

Program  :
  1. Short presentation of the opportunities linked to social issues
  2. Splitting of the room into groups of discussion
  3. Debate and brainstorming on potential issues and challenges linked to the breakthroughs presented
  4. Presentation of the teams in front of the assembly
  5. General conclusion (End : 20h45)
We emphasize the fact that absolutely no skill or knowledge is required to participate to the workshop, we want in fact the biggest diversity of profile so please come in and share your thoughts with the community !

Using the form below, you can already choose the subject that you want to discuss. We will try to form groups of discussions according to the profile and motivation of everyone.

If you have any questions about the nature of the event, or anything else related to quantum computing, you can as always email us at [email protected]
Registration required https://forms.gle/ieeVXJ6PvmygKACN6


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