Quantum Sensing with Diamond at the Single- To Few-Molecule Regime


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Date 12.12.2023
Hour 10:0011:00
Speaker Dr. John M. Abendroth, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Quantum sensing using fluorescent atomic-scale defects, like the nitrogen–vacancy (NV) center in diamond, provides a route toward novel characterization of molecular systems and fresh insight into chemical functionality. Manipulated by light and microwave pulses, NVs enable highly localized detection of nuclear and electron spin dynamics in molecules to probe molecular structure–function relationships and to analyze intramolecular spin and charge transport. I will show how single NVs can be used for surface nuclear magnetic resonance detection at the few-molecule level and to probe electron-spin-dependent and enantioselective charge transfer in adsorbed chiral molecules resulting from chirality-induced spin selectivity effects.

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