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Seed Money SCIENCE SLAM 2018

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Date and time 12.11.2018 09:0013:00  
Place and room
Category Conferences - Seminars
Scientific cooperation and transdisciplinary research addressing world development challenges
The Science Slam 2018 is organised by CODEV within the framework of the Seed Money Programme, which seeks to encourage scientific cooperation and transdisciplinary research at EPFL by providing Seed Money grants through an annual call for projects.
Prof. Emmanuel Frossard, President of the Foundation of the Swiss Centre for Scientific Research in Ivory Coast (CSRS), will give an opening talk and present the Mobility Grants offered by CSRS to Swiss researchers.
The event will be followed by a networking lunch. Participation is free of charge and registration is mandatory. You can register on the Science Slam Web Page http://cooperation.epfl.ch/ScienceSlam.

What is a Science Slam?
A Science Slam is an innovative method of science communication that combines scientific expertise and entertainment in the form of a competition. Researchers go on stage for 8 to10 minutes to present their own research work to a broad audience. A Science Slam is all about having the creative freedom to convey your enthusiasm about a topic in any way that you deem suitable. You could sing a song, dance, bring equipment into stage or do a live demonstration. Slammers are encouraged to use creative freedom to think about how to simplify a topic without losing the core message. At the end, the audience is the judge and decides who wins the competition and becomes the slam master.


Practical information

  • General public
  • Registration required