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Date 12.01.2022  
Category Call for proposal

Research cooperation with Japan

To provide opportunities for excellent postdoctoral researchers from other countries to conduct, under the guidance of their hosts, cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions. The program allows such researchers to advance their own research while contributing to the progress of research in Japan and the counterpart countries.
Fields of Research

All fields of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences are included under this program.

Available funding
  • Round-trip air ticket
  • Settling-in allowance
  • Monthly maintenance allowance
  • Overseas insurance coverage
  1. A citizen of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. (JSPS treats Taiwanese and Palestinian researchers in this manner.)
  2. Candidates must have obtained their doctoral degree within six years of the date the fellowship goes into effect (on or after 2 April 2016).
  3. Note 1: Those who have previously been awarded a fellowship under the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research in Japan ([Standard (P)] and [Pathway to University positions in Japan (PU)]) are not eligible.
  4. Note 2: Persons who are Japanese citizen and foreigners who are permitted permanent residence in Japan are not eligible.
  5. Note 3: Researchers who obtained their PhD within six years minus time taken for maternity and/or parental leave. (Every four weeks of leave is counted as one month, with any remaining weeks also counted as one month. These months are subtracted from the number of years elapsed since the researcher’s PhD was received.) In this case, separate submission documents are required. Please consult with JSPS in advance via the host institution.
How to apply

Necessary information is available in the SNSF News room; applications should be submitted to the SNSF: Contact the Research Office for information or if you decide to submit a proposal.

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