Internal trainings

  Wednesday 4 October - Wednesday 6 December 2017 17:15 - 21:00

Startup Acceleration Workshops

Accelerate your startup with the support of successful founders and industry leaders!

The series of eight workshops is based on a mission and challenge approach to enhance the validation and execution of your business case. Our goal is to support the best startup talents in Switzerland in order to build world-class startups the fastest way possible.

The Startup Acceleration Workshops will help you to:
1. Shape it: Check entrepreneurial readiness
2. Execute: Build an execution track record
3. Get funded: Validate contents of the “investment-ready” package

Apply if you have an early-stage innovative startup or if you are a master student, a
doctoral candidate or a postdoc at EPFL or another Swiss Academic Institution carrying
a solid high-tech project.



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