Strategies for Reactivity Control in Homogeneous and Interfacial Catalysis


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Date 29.11.2023
Hour 13:0014:00
Speaker Dr. Hai-Xu Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Understanding and controlling reactive intermediates in catalysis are crucial for the discovery of new synthetic methodologies and development of current industrial processes. In this seminar, I will present two stories on homogeneous and interfacial electrocatalysis where mechanistic studies of reactive molecular metal-carbene and surface metal-hydride intermediates reveal unexpected reactivity patterns and lead to rational design of novel catalytic reactions. Notably, distinctive strategies are employed for tuning molecular and interfacial reactivities due to the fundamental differences between these two regimes, and unifying these strategies for reactivity control has the promise to promote future development of interfacial catalysis for synthetic applications.

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