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Stress Mananagement and preventing burnout

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Date and time 03.09.2019 06.09.201909:0017:00  
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Speaker Dr Catherine Monnin
Category Internal trainings

Are you paralysed by stress? When giving a presentation in public, at a meeting in front of your colleagues, in your daily work, during a discussion with your boss...? Turn it into an ally! Stress is a bodily reaction that helps us cope with difficult situations. But badly managed it can endanger our health and make us go to pieces. You will learn to identify the symptoms and causes of stress, the roles of good and bad stress and also recognise your own reactions to stress so that you can manage it and enjoy life more. Understanding and using practical techniques like sophrology will enable you to deal with it more effectively. Sophrology, essentially based on breathing and concentration, helps us to gain a better understanding of the harmony between mind and body. It will allow you, thanks to individual awareness achieved through different exercises, to know yourself better and thus manage your stress better by developing your own capacities.


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