Sustainable Space Hub Coffee


Event details

Date 01.05.2024
Hour 13:0014:00
Speaker Alexandre Looten, Round Table
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
After a successful first event in March, we are organising a second sustainable space hub coffee!
We will have the opportunity to hear a summary of the PhD that Alexandre Looten recently obtained at LPAC, on the atmospheric re-entry of composite materials and design for demise of spacecrafts. D4D brings an interesting trade-off to the table: while it's seen as a solution for reducing the risks of uncontrolled re-entry (thus reducing space debris and the risk of casualties on the ground), it generates high altitude emissions (70-100km) that could have unpredictable atmospheric impacts.

Participants are then invited to take part in an open discussion over coffee and cookies.

In order to unite EPFL’s forces in the domain of sustainability in space, eSpace has launched the Sustainable Space Hub (SSH). The goal of the Hub is to coherently manage and foster the growth of topics such as space debris risks, high altitude atmospheric impacts, and other environmental impacts on Earth. 5 institutes within EPFL are currently involved in research and development projects in the field of space sustainability. The hub is connecting these individual projects in a workflow that rests on three intertwined pillars: measure, understand, and act for space sustainability.

More info on the Sustainable Space Hub.