The Corpus as an Artifact of Musical Change: Studies in Style, Transmission, and Diffusion - Talk by Prof. Daniel Shanahan, The Ohio State University


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Date 29.10.2019
Hour 11:0013:00
Speaker Prof. Daniel Shanahan
Category Conferences - Seminars
Musical corpora have been used to examine the changing aspects of compositional style (e.g. Albrecht and Huron, 2013; Broze and Shanahan, 2013), as well as mutable aspects of the "situated cognition" of an audience (Byros, 2009). Recent work (Shanahan and Albrecht, 2019) has employed a combination of corpus and behavioral research to explore the nature of physical and cognitive constraints on transmission, and I will follow up on this work here, discussing a theory of musical change through both corpus and behavioral approaches. Additionally, I will discuss how we might employ symbolic corpora to inform future theories of musical change, even when such corpora are lacking in data or are of unknown origin.

Daniel Shanahan is assistant professor of music theory and cognition at The Ohio State University. His work has been published in Music PerceptionThe Journal of New Music ResearchThe Journal of Jazz StudiesThe Journal of the Acoustical Society of AmericaCognition and Emotion, and Musicae Scientiae, among others, and he is the co-editor of Empirical Musicology Review and the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Music and Corpus Studies. He also serves on the editorial boards of Musicae Scientiae, Indiana Theory Review, Engaging Students, and Music Theory Spectrum. He previously taught at the University of Virginia and Louisiana State University, where he was the director of the Music Cognition and Computation Lab. He holds a PhD from the University of Dublin, Trinity College.

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