Conferences - Seminars

  11:00-13:00 EPFL Fribourg

The smart living lunches take place every first Tuesday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm at the smart living lab in Fribourg. Two researchers present during 20 minutes their work related to the smart living lab's research fields that can range from construction technologies, to material sciences and renewable energy production systems, ... Read more about "smart living lunches"
By Julian Shillcock (EPFL, Blue Brain Project, Switzerland) Luis Bagatolli (Yachay ...
  10:30-11:30 Zeuzier, I17 4 K2

ChE-605 - Highlights in Energy Research seminar series The development of synthetic protocols for the preparation of highly loaded metal nanoparticle supported catalysts has received a great deal of attention over the last few decades. Independently controlling metal loading, nanoparticle size, distribution and accessibility has proven challenging because of the clear interdependence between these crucial ... Read more about "Metal Organic Frameworks as precursors for the manufacture of advanced catalytic materials"
By Prof. Jorge Gascon
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ...
  17:15-18:15 BCH 2201

In water and ice, the atomic nuclei exhibit quantum properties, which a growing body of evidence suggests are caused almost entirely by the quantum Boltzmann statistics, with the dynamics of the nuclei being classical. Here we summarise a recently developed theory which explains how such a classical dynamics can arise as a result of certain ... Read more about "Quantum dynamics with quantum Boltzmann statistics: simulations of liquid water and ice"
By Prof. Stuart Althorpe University of Cambridge
  17:30-18:45 ETH Zürich, Room HG E 1.1

The Swiss Chapter of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems (AES-CH) organizes a joint lecture on "Radar signal processing and Radar clutter models". You are all invited to this free event. Do not forget to spare some time for the get-together with refreshments right after the lecture. Read more about "Joint Lecture IEEE AES-CH"
By Dr. Maria Sabina Greco, Professor at the University of Pisa ...