Internal trainings

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  09:00-17:00 BI A0 397

Transverse roles become more and more frequent in today’s organisational reality. If you have to manage projects, implement changes or motivate your colleagues without having formal authority over them, this course will help you to discover new ways of influencing your stakeholders and developing your personal impact in your role. Read more about "Transversal Leadership"
By Nir Zalts
  09:00-17:00 BI A0 398

Let’s decipher our non-verbal communication together ! Postures, gestures, looks, facial expressions, handshakes… all these non-verbal elements help us to understand how others communicate. They are all “silent” sources of information telling us more about other people and also ourselves that we must learn to listen to in order to communicate better ! Understanding what ... Read more about "Body Language"
By Dr Catherine Monnin
  10:00-15:00 BI A0 398

Ce cours de quatre heures a pour but de présenter un panorama des bonnes pratiques en matière de gestion de sites web. Rythmées et pragmatiques, ces 4 heures se veulent accessibles à tous et la matière enseignée pourra être mise directement en pratique. La première partie est centrée sur l’utilisateur. Bases de l'user experience design ... Read more about "Webmaster"
By Stéphane Cruchon    
  13:30-14:30 CH G1 495

Program (*): - Static magnetic field. Units. - The main interactions of static magnetic field with the human body - The main dangers related to the magnetic field - Standards and regulations related to the level of exposure - EPFL: Magnetic field measurements and safety rules. - How can I work safely? (*) We reserve ... Read more about "MAGNETIC FIELD HAZARDS - Complementary training"
By Amela Groso
Damien Stricker
  15:00-16:00 CH G1 495

All users of cryogenic gases should be fully aware of the associated risks and how they can be safely used. The DSPS-SCC offers a short training suitable for anyone using, handling, storing, or responsible for the safety of cryogenic gases. The users will be made aware of the hazards of cryogenic gases so they can ... Read more about "CRYOGENIC HAZARDS - Complementary training"
By Damien Stricker
Amela Groso