10:00-13:00 Rolex Learning Center

For the start of the semester of Spring 2018, the EPFL Library is putting Mathematics in the spotlight and offers from Wednesday, February 21, a selection of documents at the Espace Découverte "Mathematics and Music", as well as an exhibition of Ancient Books "Les Mathématiques sous toutes leurs formes". "Mathematics and Music", February-April 2018, Espace ... Read more about "Mathematics expose themselves"
  Espace Archizoom

Les designers Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec se vouent pour la première fois à l’espace public. Leur objectif consiste à apporter une magie nouvelle aux lieux dans lesquels nous évoluons et nous nous rencontrons. Read more about "Rêveries Urbaines - Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec"
  11:00-18:00 Bâtiment ArtLab

The exhibition Kung Fu Motion: The Living Archive opens on April 28. It accompanies the integration of ArtLab into EPFL’s College of Humanities and kicks off a stimulating series of fresh programs at the intersections of art/science. Kung Fu Motion is the story of the dynamic traditions of Southern China and Hong Kong’s martial arts, ... Read more about "Kung Fu Motion"
  07:00-23:59 Rolex Learning Center - Patios extérieurs

Le duo d'artistes bernois Haus am Gern (Barbara Meyer Cesta & Rudolf Steiner) a installé une septantaine de feux en plexiglas découpé et miroitant sous les voûtes du Rolex Learning Center. Une invitation à regarder l'espace de manière décalée, de voir les creux, les vides, les marges. Le Rolex Learning Center captive par les puissants ... Read more about "Haus am Gern: Fireplace"
By Haus am Gern: Barbara Meyer Cesta et Rudolf Steiner
  16:00-18:00 BC ground floor

Discover what SHS students have done in their « sociopolitical stakes of the digital » course. The poster session will take place on Wednesday 30 May, 2018 on the groundfloor of the BC building from 4pm to 6pm. It will be followed by drinks. Read more about "Poster session: Boullier's SHS students to present their work"