Inaugural lectures - Honorary Lecture

  17:15 Forum Rolex

Tout le monde s’accorde pour dire que le monde qui nous entoure change très rapidement ! Du point de vue technologique bien sûr, mais également au niveau du fonctionnement de notre société et de la perception des défis futurs. La mouvance de notre société implique également des changements importants pour l’université, aussi bien dans le ... Read more about "L’Université en marche …"
By Prof. Dominique Bonvin, IGM, EPFL
  17:15-20:00 CO 2

In this presentation I will highlight the great potential offered by the interplay between data science and computational science to efficiently solve real life large scale problems. The leading application that I will address is the numerical simulation of the heart function. The motivation behind this interest is that cardiovascular diseases unfortunately represent one of ... Read more about "Prof. Alfio Quarteroni: "Taking Mathematics to Heart""
By Prof. Alfio Quarteroni
  17:15-20:00 RLC E1 240

How can one summarize forty-eight years dedicated to the most powerful sources of light in the world? And to the transformation of bookish notions of quantum physics into tangible realities? And to the participation in the wonderful adventure of building the best young university in the world? I tried by using five arcane words, the ... Read more about "Professor Giorgio Margaritondo: "Two things... and three people""
By Prof. Giorgio Margaritondo
  17:15 SV1717

INAUGURAL LECTURE Abstract: In the face of aging population and increase of chronic medical conditions, there is a need for a novel set of biomedical technologies. Medical devices can help diagnose, prevent, and treat a variety of these conditions. However, those available for clinical and therapeutical use often follow the “one size fits all” definition. ... Read more about "Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces"
By Prof. Stéphanie P. Lacour, IBI, IMT and CNP (EPFL)