Conferences - Seminars

  11:00-13:00 EPFL Fribourg

The smart living lunches take place every first Tuesday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm at the smart living lab in Fribourg. Two researchers present during 20 minutes their work related to the smart living lab's research fields that can range from construction technologies, to material sciences and renewable energy production systems, ... Read more about "smart living lunches"
  12:15-13:15 GC B1 10

Hybrid simulation combining physical and numerical simulations provides a cost-effective means to experimentally examine the performance of large-scale structural systems under extreme loading events. It can be particularly beneficial to investigate the behavior of large scale structures subjected to seismic loads through collapse given that shake table tests pose significant risk to support a collapsing ... Read more about "Development and Application of Hybrid Simulation for Seismic Testing of Large-scale Structural Systems"
By Professor Dr Gilberto Mosqueda, Professor of Structural Engineering, University of ...
  13:00 BSP 407

Understanding how nucleic acids and proteins interact to regulate key cellular processes requires the ability to observe these interactions directly. The dynamic nature of many nucleic acid-protein interactions makes it challenging to study them with traditional bulk methods. Biochemical, molecular or cellular biology approaches yield ensemble- or population-averaged results, which may conceal key short-lived or ... Read more about "From Single-Molecules to Single-Cells: Imaging RNA Molecules and RNP Complexes"
By Professor David Rueda , FRSC Chair, Molecular and Cellular Medicine, Molecular ...
  14:00 BSP 727

SEMINAR IN BIOLOGICAL AND STATISTICAL PHYSICS Abstract: Protein folding research has been dominated by the assumption that thermodynamics determines protein structure and function. And that when the folding process is compromised, the proteostasis machinery of cells - chaperones, deaggregases, the proteasome - work to restore proteins to their soluble, functional form or degrade them to ... Read more about "Non-Equilibrium Coupling of Protein Structure and Function to Translation Elongation Kinetics"
By Prof. Edward O'brien, Department of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University ...
  14:00-15:00 SV 1717

Control of stem cell division modes is important to ensure generation of properly sized tissues during development as well as adult tissue homeostasis and repair. Stem cells undergo repeated cell divisions in which they produce daughter cells that either mature or remain stem cells. Surprisingly, the number and type of produced daughter cells vary between ... Read more about "The role of centrioles and cilia in asymmetric neural stem cell division"
By Dr. Judith Paridaen; Junior Principal Investigator; European Research Institute for ...
  16:15-17:15 BCH 2201

The efficient interconversion of electrical and chemical energy requires catalysts capable of accelerating complex multi-electron reactions at electrified interfaces. These reactions can be carried out at the metallic surface sites of heterogeneous electrocatalysts or via redox mediation at molecular electrocatalysts. Molecular catalysts yield readily to synthetic alteration of their redox properties and secondary coordination sphere, ... Read more about "Chemical Engineering Seminar - Charge and excited state dynamics in 3D and 2D hybrid perovskites.Bridging Molecular and Heterogeneous Electrocatalysis Through Graphite Conjugation."
By Prof. Yogesh Surendarath, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...

Cultural events

  Beaulieu Lausanne

Grâce à une Fondation privée, l’OSR offre 300 Cartes Jeunes donnant accès gratuitement à 4 places à choix sur ses concerts à Lausanne. Après inscription, les étudiants reçoivent un code qui leur permet de réserver directement leurs 4 billets sur le site de l’OSR. Ils peuvent ensuite se rendre au(x) concert(s) seul ou avec des ... Read more about "Concerts de l'OSR à Beaulieu - billets gratuits réservés aux -25 ans"
By Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (OSR)


  11:00-18:00 Bâtiment ArtLab

Situé dans la partie nord du bâtiment ArtLab, ouvert sur l’Esplanade, le Datasquare est dédié à une exposition de longue durée sur la thématique du big data, ici incarnée par deux grands projets scientifiques de l'EPFL: Blue Brain Project et Venice Time Machine. Ces deux projets, particulièrement complexes, sont mis en valeur dans des présentations ... Read more about "Datasquare - une immersion dans l'univers du big data"
By Blue Brain Project, Venice Time Machine
  Rolex Learning Center

Connected devices, geolocation, trackers, browsing history, social networks... The report is without call: you are permanently tracked by your connected devices. And the digital data you leave behind is used and sold by data brokers. Want to regain control over your personal data? EPFL Library offers you a Data Detox cure. Read more about "Data Detox: regain control of your personal data"
  Atelier Grandi, Corseaux/Vevey

Sur la colline de Corseaux, parmi de nombreuses habitations familiales se démarque la maison atelier ayant appartenu au peintre vaudois d’origine piémontaise Italo De Grandi. C’est un emblème remarquable de l’architecture moderne, notamment du style international, sur la Riviera lémanique. Réalisée en 1939 par l’architecte Alberto Sartoris, lui aussi d’origine piémontaise, la maison d’Italo De ... Read more about "Habiter la Modernité"
  The Project Room

Francfort, Vienne et Stockholm : trois villes européennes qui ont eu un rôle fondamental dans les politiques d’habitation mises en place durant l’entre-deux-guerres. C’est dans ce contexte historique que se sont focalisés les recherches et l’enseignement du Laboratoire de Construction et Conservation à l’EPFL. Read more about "HOUSING"
  Espace Archizoom

Lorsque le projet d’architecture est construit, la maquette qui le fonde disparaît. Cette magique réduction d’échelle permet de contrôler le monde et donner forme aux idées. Read more about "Isle of Models"

The BestOf presents a selection of student projects representative of the vast reflection produced annually in the design studios at EPFL. The architectural design project is a practical as well as intellectual exercise that is based on concrete experience while simultaneously inspiring unhampered and personal analysis. This book and exhibition want to share some significant ... Read more about "BestOf Architectural Design EPFL"
  MXF 194.0

Les posters des Projets de Master des diplômants 2018 de Science et génie des matériaux sont exposés dans le hall d'entrée MXF Read more about "Exposition des posters des Projets de Master - SMX - 2018"

Thesis defenses

  17:00 BC 420

Thesis directors : Prof. M. Vetterli ,Dr A. J. Scholefield Computer and Communication Sciences doctoral program. Thesis 8795 Read more about "Sampling the Multiple Facets of Light"


  18:30-21:00 PO 094.0

MoveOn, a commission of Agepoly, offer free disco-fox lessons. Disco-fox is a couple dance that is performed on current music, on what you can hear on the radio for example. The lessons take place in the Polydôme at EPFL on Tuesdays. 18h30 : Hustle (4-count disco-fox, recommended for complete beginners) 19h45 : Disco-fox, with choreography ... Read more about "MoveOn - Free dance lessons"
By Mike Bardet, Eva Lorendeaux
  17:00-22:00 CM 1 221

The EPFL Go Club Ishigo invites you every Monday of the semester in CM 1221 at 5pm. From beginner to advanced you are all welcome to play, learn and get to know each other! Read more about "EPFL Go Club: every Monday"
  02:00-02:00 CO 5

If you are an EPFL student (undergraduate, graduate or PhD student) please consider joining us for the famous (could I say epic?) 12th edition of IEEEXtreme international online programming competition to be held at EPFL starting on 20th of October 2018 at 2 am for 24 hours non-stop in room CO5! More details can be ... Read more about "IEEEXtreme 12.0 (24h non-stop programming competition)"

Academic Calendar

Internal trainings

  09:00-17:00 BI A0 397

Souhaitez-vous acquérir des outils et méthodes pour améliorer vos relations professionnelles ? Souhaitez-vous augmenter la qualité et les résultats de vos négociations ? Souhaitez-vous construire des partenariats durables ? La simplicité et l’efficacité de cette approche à la négociation comptent parmi ses caractéristiques. Très pragmatique, elle vous conduit à considérer la négociation comme la construction ... Read more about "Négocier avec succès - outils et attitude pour des accords durables"
By Melissa Davies
Cancelled Thumbnail
  09:00-17:00 BI A0 397

Transverse roles become more and more frequent in today’s organisational reality. If you have to manage projects, implement changes or motivate your colleagues without having formal authority over them, this course will help you to discover new ways of influencing your stakeholders and developing your personal impact in your role. Read more about "Transversal Leadership"
By Nir Zalts

Call for proposal


CODEV Seed Money program aims at financially support the launch of cooperation projects by researchers in all scientific disciplines at EPFL, in partnership with academic institutions in the Global South. Main objectives of the Seed Money programme Enable and foster the establishment of collaborative EPFL research projects with partners from the Global South with a ... Read more about "CODEV Seed Money call for projects"

Aim: The goals of the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund are to support fundamental research in the petroleum field, and to develop the next generation of engineers and scientists through support of advanced scientific education. The New Directions (ND) Grants Program aims to stimulate a new direction of research for established faculty, and to ... Read more about "[ AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY - Petroleum Research Fund New Directions Grant Program | Research funding ]"


  Lausanne Olympic Museum

Please note that the registration for the LIMNA symposium "Central Regulation of Metabolism and Feeding" is now open. This symposium will be held on Thursday November 8th, 2018 at the Olympic Museum of Lausanne, Switzerland. ———————————————————— Deadline for abstract submission for the poster session: October 8, 2018. Please note that 4 abstracts will be selected ... Read more about "REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN - LIMNA symposium - "Central Regulation of Metabolism and Feeding" - Nov. 8 2018 -"
By Invited speakers:    • Daniela Cota, INSERM Neurocentre Magendie, Bordeaux University, France ...

Annual research event of the EPFL's Interfaculty Institute of Bioengineering (IBI). Click HERE for event details. Participation is free of charge; registration, required, runs until October 21, 2018, midnight. Register HERE now! Read more about "REGISTRATION for EPFL Bioengineering Day 2018 "From Open Science to Open Innovation and Translation" on Nov. 1, 2018, at SwissTech Convention Center"