Conferences - Seminars

  09:00-17:00 BI A0 448

This is the last conference of the semester and will be of a more general nature than the earlier more specialized conferences and workshops of the program. It will cover broad aspects of descriptive set theory and its connections with other areas of mathematics. Read more about "Descriptive set theory conference"
  17:15-18:15 BI A0 448

Fraïssé theory is a method in classical Model Theory of producing canonical limits of certain families of finite structures. For example, the random graph is the Fraïssé limit of the family of all finite graphs. It turns out that this method can be dualized, with the dualization producing projective Fraïssé limits, and applied to the ... Read more about "Professeur Slawomir Solecki Bernoulli Lecture - Compact Spaces and Logic"
By Slawomir Solecki (Cornell University)