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  14:00-17:00 Octanis Microverse

This is a hands-on workshop teaching you everything you need to know to perform professional PCB assembly. We will cover: - Tools and material needed. - Applying solder paste - Manual placement of components - Automatic pick and place machine - Reflow soldering - PCB rework and debugging. Optional: Bring your own PCB, components and ... Read more about "PCB assembly workshop (SMT reflow technique)"
  19:00-20:00 MED 3 2215

The Mediterranean monk seal is, according the marine biologists, the marine mammal closest to extinction in the world. Still according to scientists, there are about 500-1000 individuals left in the Mediterranean sea. One of the problems biologists are facing is their difficulty to approach and study these animals, as the Med monk seals have adapted ... Read more about "Installing autonomous seal cameras in the Mediterranean Sea"
By Julien Pfyffer, Andy Guinand (
  19:15-20:15 MED 3 2215

It all started with the idea for a Christmas present and the desire to make long distance communication more personal again. What came out of it is Fujibox, a small cube, which can receive messages but from one unique sender. In this presentation, Guillaume will give us an overview over the the Fujibox project, from ... Read more about "Fujibox - Idea to Prototype to XGrant"
By Guillaume Thivolet

Une première pour l'association des Ingénieurs du Monde, un "Débapéro" (Débat-apéro). Un débat autour du volontarisme en vacances avec 5 intervenants suivi d'un super apéro au Montreux Jazz Café avec des prix spéciaux étudiants. Read more about "Débapéro @ Montreux Jazz Café"

Nous allons vous faire vibrer au rythme du Brésil! Venez découvrir les différentes musiques de ce magnifique pays, et notamment une initation à la danse du Forró de 18h à 18h45! Read more about "BRAZILIAN NIGHT @ MONTREUX JAZZ CAFÉ"