Conferences - Seminars

  17:00-18:30 Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne

PERSPECTIVES ET ÉCHANGES PROFESSIONNELS - Conférences et table ronde Le NeWI, réseau des ingénieures dans le domaine de l’eau, en partenariat avec le VSA et l’ARPEA, vous invite à une conférence suivie d’une table ronde sur les perspectives professionnelles et les échanges d’expériences entre les femmes. 17h 00 Conférences: Silvia Oppliger, Cheffe de projet chez ... Read more about "Ingénieures dans le domaine de l’environnement/eau"
  12:15-13:15 SV 1717

In my presentation, I will present new approaches to characterize the dynamics and diversity of mitochondria in the nervous system. While many functions have been ascribed to neural mitochondria, how these functions are executed in the in vivo context of vastly extended neuronal geometries remains unresolved. My lab uses in vivo imaging approaches, as well ... Read more about "BMI Seminar // Mitochondrial dynamics and diversity in the mouse nervous system"
By Thomas Misgeld, Institute of Neuronal Cell Biology, TUM School of ...
  09:00-10:00 SV 1717

‘Neural Circuits and Behavior Progress Reports’ provide a forum for scientific discussion of ongoing research projects at the Brain Mind Institute related to neural circuit function. Anyone is welcome to attend these presentations, which take place monthly, usually on the 1st or 2nd Thursday of each month in room SV 1 717. Read more about "Neural Circuits and Behavior - Progress Report"
By Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Gerstner Lab

Internal trainings

  09:00-17:00 University of Fribourg

Description et objectifs Do you sometimes feel caught up in the demands of work and life? Does your focus at times become reactive rather than proactive? Do you wish to improve your sense of balance for performing at your best? Instead of compulsively prioritizing, let’s tap into something fundamental and powerful: self-leadership! This workshop will ... Read more about "REGARD Workshop: Everything begins with self-leadership"
By Marie-Paule Haefliger, psychologist, business and executive coach, and trainer