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  12:15-13:15 MED 0 1418

Abstract: Experiments and numerical studies have demonstrated that the power extracted by the wind plant is directly and proportionately related to the transport of mean kinetic energy - here the parting point. This is intimately tied with the balance of turbulence kinetic energy. These relations are shown through wind tunnel experiments and large eddy simulations ... Read more about "IGM Colloquium: Considering mean and turbulence kinetic energy transport on stratified wind plant boundary layers"
  12:15-13:15 SV 1717

Abstract: During our daily life, we depend on memories of past experiences to plan future behaviour. These memories are represented by the activity of specific neuronal groups or ‘engrams’. Neuronal engrams are assembled during learning by synaptic modification, and engram reactivation represents the memorized experience. Engrams of conscious memories are initially stored in the hippocampus ... Read more about "BMI SEMINAR // Marlene Bartos - Emergence of stable and dynamic memory engrams in the hippocampus"
By  Marlene Bartos, Cellular and Systemic Neuroscience, Institute for Physiology I ...
  16:30-18:15 SV 1717

Frank Dobbin is a professor of Sociology at Harvard. He is chair of the Organizational Behavior Ph.D. Program and coordinator (Harvard) for the MIT-Harvard Economic Sociology Seminar. Frank Dobbin has long standing experience in analysing the impact of institutional strategies and actions to promote gender and diversity and is currently completing research on major diversity ... Read more about "CONFERENCE & ROUND TABLE: Which Diversity Initiatives Work? Thirty Years of Evidence from U.S. Employers"
By Prof. Frank Dobbin Round table with:
Prof. Franciska Krings, Professor ...

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