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The Projective Consciousness Model (PCM) (Rudrauf et al, 2017) is an attempt to unify psychology computationally, with the broadest possible explanatory power about a multiplicity of phenomena and behaviours, from perception, imagination, appraisal, emotion, social cognition, motivation, and action. The PCM advances previous formulations of active inference by featuring an explicit psychological and cybernetic model ... Read more about "BMI SEMINAR // The Projective Consciousness Model: Integrating perception, imagination, emotion and action in a global cybernetic framework"
By David Rudrauf, Laboratory of Multimodal Modelling of Emotion & Feeling ...
  09:00-10:00 AI 1153

Pathological protein aggregates are a central hallmark of all neurodegenerative diseases. In the related disorders ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and FTD (frontotemporal dementia), the pathological aggregates consist mostly of the ubiquitous RNA-binding proteins TDP-43 or FUS. Both proteins are usually located in the nucleus, whereas in neurons and glial cells of ALS/FTD patients, they are ... Read more about "Special LMNN Seminar- RNA-binding proteins in neurodegeneration – from nuclear transport defects to aberrant phase transitions"
By Dorothee Dormann, BioMedizinisches Centrum (BMC) Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - LMU, Germany


  12:00 Esplanade EPFL

Très inconnue du grand public, Polyquity sera présente sur l'Esplanade le 19 Novembre à 12h pour échanger avec vous des sujets de santé masculine et de la signification de la masculinité au 21ème siècle. Nous avons hâte d'échanger avec vous et découvrir vos priorités, questions et réflexions ! Read more about "POLIQUITY: Journée Mondiale de l'homme"