Conferences - Seminars

  10:30-12:00 Unil, Extranef building, room 126

Combination of 2 papers: Paper 1. Predicting Stock Returns with Machine Learning Abstract We employ a semi-parametric method known as Boosted Regression Trees (BRT) to forecast stock returns and volatility at the monthly frequency. BRT is a statistical method that generates forecasts on the basis of large sets of conditioning information without imposing strong parametric ... Read more about "Machine Learning, Asset Pricing and FinTech"
By Alberto ROSSI, University of Maryland
By Mika KASTENHOLZ – Co-Founder
  12:00-13:30 ODY 4 03

"Which Service? How Industry Conditions Shape Firms’ Service Type Choices" Résumé: This paper studies the role of industry conditions as determinants of manufacturing and software firms’ decisions to offer services. We draw on the competence perspective on industry evolution and servitization to theorize and provide empirical evidence on how industry conditions affect firms’ choice to ... Read more about "Seminar by Prof. Ivanka Visnjic, ESADE"
  12:00-13:30 GR A3 32

Professor Ayres will talk about an application of the theory of wealth discussed previously by Ayres and Martinas (see e.g. Ayres & Martinas 1996). His objective is to explain the “boom-bust” behavior of the economic system in a way that might be useful in the future for forecasting and policy purposes. He demonstrate a growth ... Read more about "Economic cycles, wealth accumulation and energy use by Prof. Robert U. Ayres"
By We are very pleased to welcome Robert U. Ayres at ...