Conferences - Seminars

  10:00-12:00 MA B0 424

Ce cours de deux fois deux heures a pour but de présenter un panorama des bonnes pratiques en matière de gestion de sites web. Rythmées et pragmatiques, ces 4 heures se veulent accessibles à tous et la matière enseignée pourra être mise directement en pratique. La première session est centrée sur l’utilisateur. Bases de l'user ... Read more about "Webmaster"
By Stéphane Cruchon
  13:30-17:00 Octanis Microverse

When you open up and look into a computer, you see all these green boards with tiny components on them. Of course, these make that your computer can do all kinds of amazing things, like, displaying a movie on a screen. But how are these made?! In this workshop you will learn! Have you ever ... Read more about "Practical Electronics: PCB design in KiCAD for beginners"
By Raffael Tschui
  09:00-16:00 GC C2 413

Séminaire OUR COMMON SOILS n°2: Vers une approche qualitative et fonctionnelle de l’affectation des sols urbains mercredi 23 mai, de 9h00 à 16h, à l’EPFL, bâtiment GC, salle C2 413 Dans le cadre du projet Our Common Soils : the Swiss City-Territory as a renewable resource (FNS 2017-2021), le Laboratoire d’urbanisme (EPFL Lab U) propose ... Read more about "Séminaire OCS n°2: Vers une approche qualitative et fonctionnelle de l’affectation des sols urbains"
By Sabine Barles (Université Paris 1, UMR 8504 GÉOGRAPHIES-CITÉS) Anne Blanchart ...
  16:15-17:15 MXF 1

15th NCCR MARVEL Distinguished Lecture Several physical observables of materials have their theoretical root in geometrical properties of the electronic ground state. To start with, I will outline the modern theory of the insulating state, which addresses all kinds of insulators (band, Mott, Anderson...), discriminating them from metals by means of a very simple geometrical ... Read more about "Geometrical observables of the electronic ground state"
By Raffaele Resta (Democritos IOM-CNR, Trieste, Italy)
  BC Building

EPFL Extension School’s Hands-On Data Workshops offer applied data science skills for every knowledge level. From taking your data skills beyond spreadsheets and into R, to intermediate data analytics with Python, to advanced Deep Learning techniques, you’ll find a workshop that fits your background and learning goals. The Hands-On Data Workshops are a great way ... Read more about "Hands-On Data Workshops"
  08:30-12:30 DIA 004

Take part in the next EPFL Library training seminar for PhDs and get an overview of all steps you will go through from literature search to the publication of your outputs. Gather practical tools and tips to become more efficient and avoid common pitfalls. Module 3: Smart publishing Understand how scientific publishing works: choose a ... Read more about "PhD seminar “From research to publication” 3/4"
By EPFL Library Teaching team