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  BC Building

EPFL Extension School’s Hands-On Data Workshops offer applied data science skills for every knowledge level. From taking your data skills beyond spreadsheets and into R, to intermediate data analytics with Python, to advanced Deep Learning techniques, you’ll find a workshop that fits your background and learning goals. The Hands-On Data Workshops are a great way ... Read more about "Hands-On Data Workshops"
  Swiss Tech Convention Center

The 2018 IEEE Data Science Workshop is a new workshop that aims to bring together researchers in academia and industry to share the most recent and exciting advances in data science theory and applications. In particular, the event will gather researchers and practitioners in various academic disciplines of data science, including signal processing, statistics, machine ... Read more about "2018 IEEE Data Science Workshop"
By Keynote speakers Dr. Lisa Amini IBM Research, Dr. Surajit Chaudhuri ...
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  08:30-17:30 MA B0 426

Le cours National Instruments LabVIEW Fondamental 1 (Core I) présente l'environnement LabVIEW, ses fonctionnalités, la programmation par flux de données et les architectures LabVIEW courantes. Ce cours est le moyen le plus rapide de devenir productif avec LabVIEW. Il vous prépare à développer des applications de test et de mesure, d'acquisition de données, de contrôle ... Read more about "LabVIEW, Core I (FR)"
By National Instruments
  ELA 1

A graph, or network, is a structure that encodes pairwise relationships and a graph signal is a function defined on the nodes of the graph. The values of the weights on the edges of the graph encode an expectation on the relationship between the respective signal components. A large weight indicates that we expect the ... Read more about "3rd Graph Signal Processing Workshop – GSP’18"
By A range of experts from around the world
Speakers :
Prof ...
  09:15-16:30 STCC

Unlike a decade ago, now software is everywhere and everything. What will software be like a decade from now? Will it deliver on the promise of replacing monotonous human work? Will we be able to depend on software doing the right thing, being always available to answer our questions, and malleable enough to quickly adapt ... Read more about "IC Research Day 2018 - The Future of Software"
By Prof. Katerina Argyraki, IC, EPFL - Dr. Rustan Leino, Amazon - Dr ...
  08:45-17:00 BI A0 398

Planifier financièrement sa fin de vie professionnelle et sa retraite. Destiné aux collaboratrices et collaborateurs dès l’âge dès 45 ans, au plus tard 10 ans avant l’âge de la retraite. Read more about "45 + Finances"
By AvantAge
  17:30-19:00 ETH Zürich, Room HG E 1.2

The Swiss Chapter of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems (AES-CH) organizes a joint lecture on "A History of Radar". You are all invited to this free event. Do not forget to spare some time for the get-together with refreshments right after the lecture. Read more about "Joint Lecture IEEE AES-CH"
By Dr. H. Griffiths, Prof. University College London, Member and Distinguished ...
  08:30-22:00 Hall & Foyer SG

08h30 – 09h00 Arrival and coffee 09h00 – 12h30 Invited Talks KEYNOTE - Biomimicry: A new paradigm for sustainable innovation Michael Pawlyn, Director – Exploration Architecture Limited & TEDx speaker Reactive transport approaches to unraveling biogeochemical processes in groundwater systems Jennifer Druhan, Assistant Professor Geology – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Mapping the Long-term Refugee ... Read more about "ENAC Research Day 2018"