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From February 12th to 25th, EPFL Library invites you to take part to Love Data Week 2018. This world wide event aims to share awareness about research data management among researchers. On this occasion, EPFL Library offers you several activities and events online and on EPFL campus. Come and join us! February 12th-16th Love Data ... Read more about "Love Data Week at EPFL"
  16:15-17:15 MXF 1

This lecture is designed to be accessible to a wide variety of backgrounds. In the first part, I will briefly review density functional theory and why it is important to many branches of modern physical science. I will also review machine learning and its recent applications to molecules and materials. In the second half, I ... Read more about "Machine-learning of density functionals for applications in molecules and materials"
By Prof. Kieron Burke (University of California, Irvine)
  08:30-15:00 SV 1717

General assembly and user's day.The opportunity to get updates on the instruments and the science going on at CIME. This year we have invited Prof. Thomas Walz from The Rockefeller University to give a inspiring invited talk. We will have presentations from our CIME staff members and three submitted posters will be selected for a ... Read more about "CIME DAY 2018"
By Speakers: Prof. Thomas Walz, Graham Knott, Thomas La Grange, Cosmin ...
  19:30-20:30 MED 3 2215

The goal of the project is to create an open-software, open-hardware spectrophotometer that is cheap and reliable. We will present all the tools that we used (Eagle, FreeCad, OpenSCAD, Arduino, ...) and show the experiments that can be achieved with the final product. All the code is available on Read more about "From concept to production: Open spectrophotometer, an interdisciplinary project"
By Luc Patiny, Hackuarium
  18:15-22:00 Forum Rolex

For the first time, EPFL organizes an event for the occasion of International Women’s Day, focusing on the theme «Women’s Careers: What’s next after EPFL?». Co-organized by EPFL Alumni and the office of Equality, it aims to inspire and to share diverse career paths in the domains of research and education, industry, entrepreneurship, or finance. ... Read more about "International Women’s Day: "Women’s Careers: What's Next After EPFL?""