Conferences - Seminars

  18:15-21:00 Octanis Microverse

At Octanis, we develop pragmatic, open source and low cost solutions to practical problems. Currently, we are working on developing digital nestboxes for barn owls and a rover that takes measurements of the snow surface in Antarctica. We share experiences and tools, and make rapid incremental progress while embracing failure. Above all, we accept everyone ... Read more about "Maker-Night @ Octanis"
  13:00-15:00 INM 201

24 October: The Question of Why: On the Notions of Explanation in the DH The DH Section is launching a new DH Seminar starting in October 2018. This seminar will cover fundamental concepts in Digital Humanities that call for cross-disciplinary reflections and in-depth discussion, led by the EPFL DH faculty. It aims at bringing the ... Read more about "Digital Humanities Seminar 2018"
By Markus Neuwirth
  17:15-18:45 UNIL - Bâtiment Amphimax - Salle 410

Comment l’échelle d’observation d’un phénomène peut-elle influencer la recherche? À quelles conditions est-il possible de passer d’une échelle à une autre? Ce passage, que l’on métaphorise souvent en termes de distance, est-il discontinu ou continu? Quel rôle joue l’instrumentation, la modélisation et les outils numériques dans ces divers niveaux d’analyse? Les mêmes questions se posent ... Read more about "CHANGEZ D’ÉCHELLE! - Cycle de conférences publiques"
By Murielle Bochud
  17:30-19:30 Octanis Microverse

This is a hands-on workshop teaching you everything you need to know to perform professional PCB assembly. We will cover: - Tools and material needed. - Applying solder paste - Manual placement of components - Automatic pick and place machine - Reflow soldering - PCB rework and debugging. Optional: Bring your own PCB, components and ... Read more about "PCB assembly workshop (SMT reflow technique)"


  10:00-22:00 Rolex Learning Center, MED et ArtLab

Following the success of the 2017 edition, for the 2nd edition of the national Digital Day, EPFL will be one of the hubs open to the public. Centred around the theme of digitalisation in the field of teaching, activities include workshops, guided tours, exhibitions and scientific demonstrations. From 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, the Rolex ... Read more about "Digital Day at EPFL: Education in the digital age"