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Connected devices, geolocation, trackers, browsing history, social networks... The report is without call: you are permanently tracked by your connected devices. And the digital data you leave behind is used and sold by data brokers. Want to regain control over your personal data? EPFL Library offers you a Data Detox cure. Read more about "Data Detox: regain control of your personal data"


  18:30-21:00 PO 094.0

MoveOn, a commission of Agepoly, offer free disco-fox lessons. Disco-fox is a couple dance that is performed on current music, on what you can hear on the radio for example. The lessons take place in the Polydôme at EPFL on Tuesdays. 18h30 : Hustle (4-count disco-fox, recommended for complete beginners) 19h45 : Disco-fox, with choreography ... Read more about "MoveOn - Free dance lessons"
By Mike Bardet, Eva Lorendeaux
  02:00-02:00 CO 5

If you are an EPFL student (undergraduate, graduate or PhD student) please consider joining us for the famous (could I say epic?) 12th edition of IEEEXtreme international online programming competition to be held at EPFL starting on 20th of October 2018 at 2 am for 24 hours non-stop in room CO5! More details can be ... Read more about "IEEEXtreme 12.0 (24h non-stop programming competition)"

Internal trainings

  09:00-17:00 BI A0 397

Souhaitez-vous acquérir des outils et méthodes pour améliorer vos relations professionnelles ? Souhaitez-vous augmenter la qualité et les résultats de vos négociations ? Souhaitez-vous construire des partenariats durables ? La simplicité et l’efficacité de cette approche à la négociation comptent parmi ses caractéristiques. Très pragmatique, elle vous conduit à considérer la négociation comme la construction ... Read more about "Négocier avec succès - outils et attitude pour des accords durables"
By Melissa Davies
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  09:00-17:00 BI A0 397

Transverse roles become more and more frequent in today’s organisational reality. If you have to manage projects, implement changes or motivate your colleagues without having formal authority over them, this course will help you to discover new ways of influencing your stakeholders and developing your personal impact in your role. Read more about "Transversal Leadership"
By Nir Zalts