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  10:30-12:00 BC 420

Knowledge Graphs (KGs) provide ways to organize, manage and retrieve structure information, playing an important role in a number of AI applications, such as recommender systems, question answering or natural language generation. However, a problem that is common to all KGs is their incompleteness. In this talk we briefly discuss different techniques to do knowledge ... Read more about "Learning with Knowledge Graphs"
By Alberto García-Durán
  14:00-15:30 Room Zeuzier, Sion, Industrie 17

This seminar will be live-streamed at the following link: In today’s increasingly globalised and complex economy that is flooded with data, taking decisions is a much more complex task. To help managers to tackle this challenge, we have developed a new multi-criteria performance management method that provides input for visual management and continuous improvement ... Read more about "Visual Management Tool for Multi-criteria Decision Methods"
By Prof. Alessio Ishizaka