Conferences - Seminars

  11:00-13:00 EPFL Fribourg

The smart living lunches take place every first Tuesday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm at the smart living lab in Fribourg. Two researchers present during 20 minutes their work related to the smart living lab's research fields that can range from construction technologies, to material sciences and renewable energy production systems, ... Read more about "smart living lunches"
  13:00-15:00 INM 201

21 November: Why Theories of Aesthetics matter in the Digital Humanities The DH Section is launching a new DH Seminar starting in October 2018. This seminar will cover fundamental concepts in Digital Humanities that call for cross-disciplinary reflections and in-depth discussion, led by the EPFL DH faculty. It aims at bringing the participants a richer ... Read more about "Digital Humanities Seminar 2018"
By Martin Rohrmeier
  12:00-13:30 GR A3 32

Professor Ayres will talk about an application of the theory of wealth discussed previously by Ayres and Martinas (see e.g. Ayres & Martinas 1996). His objective is to explain the “boom-bust” behavior of the economic system in a way that might be useful in the future for forecasting and policy purposes. He demonstrate a growth ... Read more about "Economic cycles, wealth accumulation and energy use by Prof. Robert U. Ayres"
By We are very pleased to welcome Robert U. Ayres at ...