Conferences - Seminars

  10:30-12:00 BC 420

Knowledge Graphs (KGs) provide ways to organize, manage and retrieve structure information, playing an important role in a number of AI applications, such as recommender systems, question answering or natural language generation. However, a problem that is common to all KGs is their incompleteness. In this talk we briefly discuss different techniques to do knowledge ... Read more about "Learning with Knowledge Graphs"
By Alberto García-Durán
  14:00-15:30 Room Zeuzier, Sion, Industrie 17

This seminar will be live-streamed at the following link: In today’s increasingly globalised and complex economy that is flooded with data, taking decisions is a much more complex task. To help managers to tackle this challenge, we have developed a new multi-criteria performance management method that provides input for visual management and continuous improvement ... Read more about "Visual Management Tool for Multi-criteria Decision Methods"
By Prof. Alessio Ishizaka

Thesis defenses

Management Board meetings


  18:30-21:00 PO 094.0

MoveOn, a commission of Agepoly, offer free disco-fox lessons. Disco-fox is a couple dance that is performed on current music, on what you can hear on the radio for example. The lessons take place in the Polydôme at EPFL on Tuesdays. 18h30 : Hustle (4-count disco-fox, recommended for complete beginners) 19h45 : Disco-fox, with choreography ... Read more about "MoveOn - Free dance lessons"
By Mike Bardet, Eva Lorendeaux

Internal trainings

  13:00-17:00 BS190

This 4 hours course is compulsory for all the collaborators, visitors or master students at EPFL accessing a P2 or P3 laboratory. Content: Risk assessment – Functioning of the various Biosafety cabinets – donning and doffing equipment – Treating a biological spill – Inactivation and disinfection - Waste Registrations : Read more about "FOBS 3 – BIOLOGICAL RISKS « Working in a P2 & P3 environment »"
By Camille Freyssenet

Call for proposal


Aim: National Geographic supports the development of cutting-edge technologies that open our eyes to different viewpoints, help us see the world in a new light and explore it in new ways, and transform the fields of exploration, science, and conservation. The goal of this RFP is to create novel tools and technologies to monitor ecosystem ... Read more about "[ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - Conservation Technologies Grant | Research funding ]"

Aim: The goal of this RFP is to measurably reduce plastic pollution before it reaches the ocean. NGS seeks solutions that actively stop or reduce the stream of pollution into waterways, including by effecting behavior change in key stakeholders. Preference will be given to applicants who are residents or citizens of the country where the ... Read more about "[ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - Marine Plastic Grant | Research funding ]"