Conferences - Seminars

  11:00-13:00 EPFL Fribourg

The smart living lunches take place every first Tuesday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm at the smart living lab in Fribourg. Two researchers present during 20 minutes their work related to the smart living lab's research fields that can range from construction technologies, to material sciences and renewable energy production systems, ... Read more about "smart living lunches"
  10:00-12:00 MA B0 424

Ce cours de deux fois deux heures a pour but de présenter un panorama des bonnes pratiques en matière de gestion de sites web. Rythmées et pragmatiques, ces 4 heures se veulent accessibles à tous et la matière enseignée pourra être mise directement en pratique. La première session est centrée sur l’utilisateur. Bases de l'user ... Read more about "Webmaster"
By Stéphane Cruchon
  13:30-17:00 Octanis Microverse

When you open up and look into a computer, you see all these green boards with tiny components on them. Of course, these make that your computer can do all kinds of amazing things, like, displaying a movie on a screen. But how are these made?! In this workshop you will learn! Have you ever ... Read more about "Practical Electronics: PCB design in KiCAD for beginners"
By Raffael Tschui
  08:30-17:30 BI A0 448

Kujtesë BejtullahuPowerful algorithms, which are capable of learning, are increasingly controlling various aspects of modern society: from social interactions (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube), economics (e.g., Uber, AirBnB, Banking), learning (e.g., Wikipedia, MOOCs), to governance (Judgements, Policing, Voting). These algorithms have a tremendous potential to change our lives for the better, but, via the ability ... Read more about "Computation and Society Workshop"
By - Anita Auer - University of Lausanne - Kujtesë BejtullahuInternational Risk Governance Center ...
  13:45-14:45 MA A1 12

In this talk, I will discuss some pathologies for the generic fibre of del Pezzo fibrations in characteristic p>0, motivated by the recent developments of the MMP in positive characteristic. The recent joint work with Stefan Schröer applies to deduce information on the structure of 3-dimensional Mori fibre spaces and answers an old question by ... Read more about "Del Pezzo fibrations in positive characteristic"
By Andrea Fanelli (Universität Düsseldorf)
  15:15-16:15 PH H3 31

Abstract: We give an explicit construction of test vectors for $T$-equivariant linear functionals on representations $\Pi$ of $GL_2$ of a local field, where $T$ is a non-split torus. Of particular interest is the case when both the representations are ramified; we completely solve this problem for principal series and Steinberg representations of $GL_2$, as well ... Read more about "Test vectors for some ramified representations of $GL(2)$"
By Vinayak Vatsal (University of British Columbia)
  16:15 MA A3 31

Abstract: Computational models are used nowadays in virtually all fields of applied sciences and engineering to predict the behaviour of complex natural or man-made systems. Those simulators allow the analyst to assess the performance of systems before actual manufacturing. They usually feature dozens of parameters and are expensive to run, even when taking full advantage ... Read more about "Surrogate modelling for uncertainty quantification in engineering applications"
By Prof. Bruno SUDRET, Institute of Structural Engineering, ETH Zürich
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  17:00 Project Room, SG Building, EPFL

Conférence organisée par le Collège des Humanités (CDH), Archizoom et l'école doctorale EDAR. En collaboration avec la Section romande de la Société Suisse-Chine (SRSSC). Alternative modernity suspends the domination of megacities, goes back deep into the Chinese rural areas where the first traces of home-grown modernity originated, and tries to explore the scenarios of modernity ... Read more about "Alternative modernity: silent departures that contemporary Chinese architecture takes"
By Zhang Li, Professor of Architecture and Associate Dean, School of ...