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In collaboration with EPFL Sustainable campus and the Safety, prevention and health domain, the Sports service offers an entire program around health. CampuSessions (45') and ShotSessions (20') will take place until January 2018. Discover these activities directly on the campus, no equipment needed! Novembre 7, 2017: Relaxation shot // Ludic courses Novembre 15, 2017: Relaxation ... Read more about "Let's move our campus"
  13:00-17:30 RLC E1 240

Les liens entre l’espace urbain et la santé publique ont une longue histoire: les hygiénistes du 19ème siècle se penchaient sur l’insalubrité de l’habitat et combattaient l’industrie pathogène, tandis que les Modernes entendaient répondre au péril tuberculeux du début du 20ème siècle par une architecture thérapeutique offrant espace, air et lumière. La conviction qu’il existe ... Read more about "Villes en pleine santé!"
By  Patrick Beetschen, UNIL, Jacques Cornuz, professeur, directeur de la PMU ...
  16:00-18:00 BCH 2201

Pi-conjugated organic molecules and polymers now provide a set of well-performing semiconductors that support devices, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as used in smart-phone displays and lighting, field-effect transistors (FETs) and photovoltaic diodes (PVs). These are attractive materials to manufacture, particularly for large-area applications where they can be processed by direct printing, so that the cost ... Read more about "Molecular semiconductors for LEDs and solar cells: designing around the Coulomb interaction (SCS and LACUS)"
By Prof. Richard Friend
University of Cambridge
  17:30 Project Room

Julian Lienhard is founder and director of str.ucture, an engineering company committed to the development of innovative lightweight solutions. He is an expert on Tensile and Membrane Architecture, on parametric modelling and structural Design, and further parts of his work involve Biomimetic research. (conférence en anglais) Lecture followed by the screening of the documentary film ... Read more about "A dialogue of form and force"
By Julian Lienhard, structural engineer, str.ucture, Stuttgart
  19:00-20:00 Auditoire SG1

Projection en première Suisse du nouveau documentaire sur l'architecture Frei Otto. En anglais, sous-titré en français Frei Otto: Spanning the Future is a documentary about the incredible life and work of Frei Otto. As an architect and engineer he laid the foundation for contemporary lightweight architecture, and his ideas are still awe inspiring decades after ... Read more about "Frei Otto: Spanning the Future"

Cultural events

  18:30-20:00 PO 01

The ArchiTango Students association offers a free Tango initiation course to EPFL and UNIL students. When: Every thursday from 18h30 to 20h. Where: EPFL, Polydome (PO 01) Registrations: Read more about "Free Tango Initiation Course"


  09:00-09:00 Rolex Learning Center

This exhibition focuses on artisancraft techniques still in use today. You will discover through this display some remarkable bindingworks, stemming from the EPFL library of ancient and precious collections. Book binding aims to guarantee its conservation. The Art of book binding consists in assembling the pages of any documents using various techniques into a hard ... Read more about "La Reliure à livres ouverts: exposition"

Créer une exposition d’art dans le campus de l’EPFL signifie inventer une façon nouvelle d’examiner, interpréter et aussi produire de l’art. Car ce campus est parcouru par des énergies créatives et scientifiques qui s’articulent en plusieurs disciplines, qui vont de l’architecture à l’ingénierie civile, de la chimique des matériaux à la physique. Archizoom invite pour ... Read more about "Graue Energie - Karsten Födinger"
  11:00-18:00 ArtLab EPFL

Employing a novel technology developed in EPFL’s neuroscience laboratories, Mental Work is a series of spectacular machines controlled by brain activity alone--a thought factory placing the human mind back at the center of our technologically dominated world. Beginning on 27 October, EPFL Artlab will put these machines to work in the first factory dedicated to ... Read more about "MENTAL WORK: The Cognitive Revolution Starts Here"



From August 28, stations on the EPFL-UNIL campus will be closed in order to conduct the necessary renovation work of the Lausanne/Morges network. As of this date, passes for EPFL students and staff members will not be valid on the whole Lausanne/Morges network. The bike-sharing network will reopen on November 30. More information here. Read more about "PubliBike network at EPFL: renewal"

In order to reduce the production of waste linked to takeaway meals, the food trucks will no longer provide disposable dishes. You can choose either to bring your own container or use the solution offered by EPFL: the reBOX, which will also be available in most restaurants for your takeaway meals. How does it work? ... Read more about "EPFL is switching to reusable dishes!"

The 2017 ACCES Visualization Contest is still open. Organized this semester by ACCES, the platform for Application-Centered Computational Engineering Science, this visualization contest is open to all the students and postdocs at EPFL, alone or in groups up to four people and is part a broader effort at EPFL to embed Computational Thinking into the ... Read more about "2017 ACCES Visualization Contest"
  19:30-20:30 MED 3 2215

At Octanis, we learn by solving real world problems. We work on different projects - an arctic rover, a digital nestbox for barn owls, and our mini maker space on wheels. At our open nights, you can discover how we get these projects going and where you can contribute. You already have your own project ... Read more about "Open Night @ Octanis"
By Octanis Association

Internal trainings


Accelerate your startup with the support of successful founders and industry leaders! The series of eight workshops is based on a mission and challenge approach to enhance the validation and execution of your business case. Our goal is to support the best startup talents in Switzerland in order to build world-class startups the fastest way ... Read more about "Startup Acceleration Workshops"
  09:00-17:00 BI A0 398

Postures, gestures, looks, facial expressions, handshakes… all these non-verbal elements help us to understand how others communicate. They are all “silent” sources of information telling us more about other people and also ourselves that we must learn to listen to in order to communicate better ! Read more about "Training "Body Language""
By Dr Catherine Monnin
  08:30-12:00 BI A0 397

Ce cours s’adresse aux personnes occupant un rôle d’administratice/teur ou de gestionnaire d’équipe pour la gestion des absences au sein d’une unité de l’EPFL. Il est recommandé de le suivre au début de votre activité à l’EPFL. Il a pour but de vous familiariser avec le logiciel de la gestion des absences, en présentant notamment ... Read more about "Formation Gestion des Absences"
By DRH - Service de gestion des absences

Call for proposal


CODEV Seed Money program aims at financially support the launch of cooperation projects by researchers in all scientific disciplines at EPFL, in partnership with academic institutions in the Global South. Main objectives of the Seed Money programme Enable and foster the establishment of collaborative EPFL research projects with partners from the Global South with a ... Read more about "2018 CODEV Seed Money call for projects"