Conferences - Seminars

  11:00-13:00 EPFL Fribourg

The smart living lunches take place every first Tuesday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm at the smart living lab in Fribourg. Two researchers present during 20 minutes their work related to the smart living lab's research fields that can range from construction technologies, to material sciences and renewable energy production systems, ... Read more about "smart living lunches"
  08:30-17:00 BI A0 398

WordPress est une application de gestion de contenus web qui permet aux collaborateurs de l’EPFL, sans connaissances techniques particulières, de concevoir, structurer, animer et éditer leur site web avec la Charte graphique EPFL. WordPress est appelé à remplacer Jahia utilisé actuellement et devenir le principal outil utilisé sur le campus pour les sites de facultés, ... Read more about "Wordpress - Base"
By Hicham Dennaoui
  12:00-13:00 RLC B1 520

Marc Robinson, professor at the Department of evolution and ecology at UNIL, will present the benefits from publishing preprints. Alain Foehn, PhD student at the Laboratory of hydraulic constructions at EPFL, will share his experience with submitting a paper to Elsevier. Read more about "NoonTalk#4: Publishing preprints"
  17:15 BCH 2201

Chemical reactions at gas-solid interfaces are of great importance in many heterogeneous processes such as catalysis, corrosion, and material fabrication. In this talk, dynamics of several prototypical surface processes, including dissociative chemisorption, Eley-Rideal reactions, and desorption, are explored theoretically on metal surfaces. Classical trajectories either on analytical potential energy surfaces or with forces calculated on ... Read more about "Dynamics of Surface Reactions: Reactant Mode Specificity and Product Energy Disposal"
By Prof. Hua Guo
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
University ...


  11:00-18:00 Bâtiment ArtLab

The exhibition Kung Fu Motion: The Living Archive opens on April 28. It accompanies the integration of ArtLab into EPFL’s College of Humanities and kicks off a stimulating series of fresh programs at the intersections of art/science. Kung Fu Motion is the story of the dynamic traditions of Southern China and Hong Kong’s martial arts, ... Read more about "Kung Fu Motion: the living archive"
  07:00-23:59 Rolex Learning Center - Patios extérieurs

Le duo d'artistes bernois Haus am Gern (Barbara Meyer Cesta & Rudolf Steiner) a installé une septantaine de feux en plexiglas découpé et miroitant sous les voûtes du Rolex Learning Center. Une invitation à regarder l'espace de manière décalée, de voir les creux, les vides, les marges. Le Rolex Learning Center captive par les puissants ... Read more about "Haus am Gern: Fireplace"
By Haus am Gern: Barbara Meyer Cesta et Rudolf Steiner
  11:00-18:00 Bâtiment ArtLab

Situé dans la partie nord du bâtiment ArtLab, ouvert sur l’Esplanade, le Datasquare est dédié à une exposition de longue durée sur la thématique du big data, ici incarnée par deux grands projets scientifiques de l'EPFL: Blue Brain Project et Venice Time Machine. Ces deux projets, particulièrement complexes, sont mis en valeur dans des présentations ... Read more about "Datasquare - une immersion dans l'univers du big data"
By Blue Brain Project, Venice Time Machine

Thesis defenses

  17:30 BC 420

Thesis directors : Prof. K. Aberer ,Prof. M. I. Schumacher Computer and Communication Sciences doctoral program. Thesis 8310 Read more about "Privacy - Preserving Data Exchange and Aggregation in Healthcare"
  16:30 Auditorium VE 102 -EMPA -Überlandstrasse 129 - 8600 Dübendorf

Thesis directors : Prof. F. Nüesch ,Dr J. Heier Materials Science and Engineering doctoral program. Thesis 8791 Read more about "Spatial and Morphological Control of Cyanine Dye Thin Films"
By Nicolas Alexandre Serge LECLAIRE
By Salman FARAJI


  12:15-13:15 CE 1

The School Assembly is pleased to invite you to our upcoming information session on the following consultation: Revision of the Directive concerning professional travel and the reimbursement of expenses (LEX 5.6.1) and the related Directive on the use of credit cards at EPFL (LEX 5.4.1) Thursday, 23rd August, from 12:15pm to 1:15pm in room CE ... Read more about "School Assembly: information session: professional travel directive"

Internal trainings


Magnetic configurations with chiral properties have attracted enormous interest after the discovery of the magnetic skyrmions lattice in non-centrosymmetric bulk crystals. The asymmetric exchange interaction, Dzylonshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) that cooperates with symmetric exchange interaction, dipolar and Zeeman interactions, allows for further non-collinear spin structures beyond skyrmions, such as e.g. spin helices, conical states, and spin ... Read more about "New Trends in Chiral Magnetism Summer School"
  18:15-21:00 Octanis Microverse

At Octanis, we develop pragmatic, open source and low cost solutions to practical problems. Currently, we are working on developing digital nestboxes for barn owls and a rover that takes measurements of the snow surface in Antarctica. We share experiences and tools, and make rapid incremental progress while embracing failure. Above all, we accept everyone ... Read more about "Maker-Night @ Octanis"


  Lausanne Olympic Museum

Please note that the registration for the LIMNA symposium "Central Regulation of Metabolism and Feeding" is now open. This symposium will be held on Thursday November 8th, 2018 at the Olympic Museum of Lausanne, Switzerland. ———————————————————— Deadline for abstract submission for the poster session: October 8, 2018. Please note that 4 abstracts will be selected ... Read more about "REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN - LIMNA symposium - "Central Regulation of Metabolism and Feeding" - Nov. 8 2018 -"
By Invited speakers:    • Daniela Cota, INSERM Neurocentre Magendie, Bordeaux University, France ...