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  Monday 4 June - Wednesday 6 June 2018 Swiss Tech Convention Center

2018 IEEE Data Science Workshop

By Keynote speakers Dr. Lisa Amini IBM Research, Dr. Surajit Chaudhuri Microsoft Research, Prof. Volker Markl, Technische Universität Berlin, Prof. Gil McVean Oxford University, Prof. Victoria Stodden UIUC

The 2018 IEEE Data Science Workshop is a new workshop that aims to bring together researchers in academia and industry to share the most recent and exciting advances in data science theory and applications. In particular, the event will gather researchers and practitioners in various academic disciplines of data science, including signal processing, statistics, machine learning, data mining and computer science, along with experts in academic and industrial domains, such as personalized health and medicine, earth and environmental science, applied physics, finance and economics, intelligent manufacturing.
The industrial audience will particularly value workshops geared toward their daily analytics challenges, as well as sessions focusing on IoT and AI applications in an industrial environment. 
Case studies will provide an in depth look on how data science can help solve tangible problems encountered by corporations.
The scientific program will include invited plenary talks, as well as regular oral and poster sessions with contributed research papers, and data challenge sessions.

Organization IEEE SPS,EPFL IC, EPFL STI, and the Swiss Data Science Center

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