40th Balélec Festival


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Date 13.05.2022 14.05.202219:0004:00  
Category Cultural events

For the 40th year, EPFL campus will morph into a humongous music festival!
Electro, rap, rock, pop music and all the others will be there for you on our many stages for live sets and DJs. More than 20 different artists and around 15'000 people... all together again for the longest night! Balélec celebrates its anniversary in all its glory, as the largest and most intense event on the EPFL campus, but also as the largest student music festival in Europe!
Such an event can't take place by itself. A whole association gathering fifty of the finest students in all of EPFL is dedicated to the organisation of the king of all the student-organized festival in Europe. Moreover, 350 volunteers dedicate a part of their time to help bring the festival to light during the whole week it takes to set everything up from scratch.
Balélec offers the best night to be lived on the EPFL grounds, from the shaking ground all up to the blast of light to the night sky.

Lineup will be announced in March, tickets sell for CHF 30 on the 24th of March on the Esplanade.


Practical information

  • General public
  • Free


  • Balélec Association


  • Vincent Tournier


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