ABC of Research Data Management


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Date 19.03.2024
Hour 14:0015:30
Speaker EPFL Library
Category Internal trainings
Event Language English
Effective Research Data Management (RDM) is essential for ensuring the quality, durability, and reproducibility of your scientific work over time. EPFL adheres to the F.A.I.R. data principles, advocating for the proper management of data and code. In this introductory course, you will gain a foundational understanding of RDM, and explore the EPFL services that can better meet your needs. Interactive Q&A and peer exchanges will help you gain insights into the application of these principles in your research endeavors.
At the end of this workshop, which will be held on Zoom only, you will be able to:
  • Identify F.A.I.R. data practices;
  • Recognize the right EPFL services that meet your RDM needs.
This training requires no prior specific knowledge. For more in-depth workshops on specific data management aspects, register for the workshops Data Management Planning & Funding, Data Organization & Storage Solutions or Data/Code Publication.


Practical information

  • General public
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  • This event is internal


  • EPFL Library


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