ACN2020 Application of Crystals and Nanotubes for particles acceleration and manipulation


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Date and time 10.03.2020 11.03.202009:0013:30  
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The concepts of beam acceleration or guidance in crystals or nanostructures hold the promises of ultra-high accelerating gradients or continuous focusing and extremely strong bending, respectively. These features make crystals and nanotubes highly attractive for future high-energy physics colliders. The ARIES workshop on Application of Crystals and Nanotubes for Beam Acceleration or Manipulation, ACN2020, will review the progress of these two concepts over the past years and discuss key issues towards proof-of-principle demonstrations and promising proposed applications. The workshop will also promote discussions among teams working on pertinent technologies and the beam physics community, in order to develop a roadmap of future steps and possible key experiments.


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