Animal, a video by artist Riccardo Giacconi


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Date 12.01.2023 29.01.2023
Hour 11:0018:00
Speaker Riccardo Giacconi, artist in residence at EPFL 2022
Category Exhibitions
Event Language English

The inaugural work of the EPFL-CDH AiR Program Enter the Hyper-Scientific, Riccardo Giacconi’s Animal, is the result of intensive research around artistic and scientific questions at the boundary between human and machine, carried out in EPFL’s robotics laboratories.

  • OPENING in the presence of the artist:
    Thursday, January 12, 6pm
    January 13 to 29, 2023, Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 6pm
Part of Giacconi’s project Rational and Irrational Numbers, the video explores the concept of animation. Creating a parallel between the “uncanny valley” (Masahiro Mori, 1970) of the ancient tradition of puppetry and recent technological developments in robotics and artificial intelligence, Animal is inspired by a series of conversations with scientists and researchers. Footage from the EPFL alternates with images from the Carlo Colla & Figli Marionette Company in Milan and other sources from the artist’s archive.

The work enables a leap of faith, a suspension of disbelief, as it reconciles the hyper-contemporary and the ancient in an enigmatic sequence, generating in the resonance and the distance between the two worlds a broader reflection on technology and its scientific and philosophical implications.

> Riccardo Giacconi

Animal, a video by Riccardo Giacconi
Video, sound, color, 21'


In collaboration with:
Inspired by conversations with: Jamie Paik, Auke Ijspeert, Anastasia Bolotnikova, Alessandro Crespi, David Gonon, Kevin Holdcroft, Lukas Huber, Xiangxiao Liu, Mete Mustafa, Fabio Zuliani