Back to school 2021 with Roteco!


Event details

Date 23.09.2021 17:0018:15  
Speaker Frank Ellerkamp d'EducaTec Academy ( en allemand)
Christian Giang de l'EPFL/SUPSI (en français) 
Lucio Negrini de la SUPSI (en italien)
Sarah Carter d'EducaTec Academy (en allemand)
Fanny Riedo de Mobsya (en anglais)  
Yungjin Oh de la HEP SG (en anglais)  Lauro Canonica d'ATED ( en anglais)
Category Miscellaneous
Event Language French, English, German, Italian
Join us in celebrating the beginning of the school year together with an introduction to educational robots. 

Description of the event:
Are you interested in discovering the educational robots available? 
If yes, then join us on Thursday, 23 September at 17:00 CEST to celebrate the beginning of the school year online. You will have access to an introduction to several educational robots such as BYOR, iTOP, Thymio, Micro:bit
All that is needed is for you to bring your questions and curiosity. We look forward to seeing you there!
Objectives of this roteco event:  
The objective is to bring together teachers, our partners and any public interested in educational robotics in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to get an overview of several types of educational robots. Beginner or expert, let's discover together other kinds of robots that we are less familiar with!
Provisional program of this event: 
17:00-17:15 (Main Zoom room): Welcome from the roteco team! (multilingual)
17:15-18:00:(breakout rooms in groups): Tentative program - 
- Introduction to LEGO SPIKE Essential & Prime including LSS with Frank Ellerkamp from EducaTec Academy (German)
- Introduction to micro:bit mit Christian Giang from EPFL/SUPSI (French)
- Introduction to BYOR (Build Your Own Robot) with Lucio Negrini from SUPSI (Italian)
- Introduction to Pi-Top (Arduino) with Sarah Carter from EducaTec Academy (English)
- Introduction to Thymio with Fanny Riedo from Mobsya (English)
- Introduction to Beebot / Bluebot with Yungjin Oh from HEP SG (English)

- Introduction to Visualmodder: A lighter, non-standardized software for teaching programming with Minecraft Java edition by Lauro Canonica d'ATED ( English)
18:00 (Main Zoom room): Closing and announcements.
Place: Online via Zoom
Cost: Free!!  
Languages: Opening welcome in (IT, FR, DE and EN) and breakout rooms in English
Date: Thursday 23 September 2021 
Time: 17:00 to 18:15 CEST

Practical information

  • General public
  • Free


  • Roteco team: Sophia Reyes Mury, Centre Learn, EPFL Melissa Skweres,  Centre Learn, EPFL Lucio Negrini, SUPSI Nina Kollegger, EPFZ


  • Sophia Reyes Mury, Centre Learn, EPFL Melissa Skweres,  Centre Learn, EPFL


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