Campus Lecture - Infiniti Powers: the story of calculus


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Date and time 08.12.2020 14:3016:00  
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on-line conference
Speaker Steven Strogatz Professor of Mathematics

Cornell University,
New York, USA
Category Conferences - Seminars
"Everyone has heard of calculus, but why is it so important?"

In this talk, Prof. Strogatz will try to clarify the fantastic idea at the heart of calculus. With the help of pictures and stories, he’ll trace where calculus came from and then show how it – in partnership with medicine, philosophy, science, and technology – reshaped the course of civilization and helped make the world modern.
This talk is intended for everyone, whether you've taken calculus or not, and whether you like math or not. By the end, Prof. Strogatz hopes to convince you that calculus is one of the greatest triumphs of human creativity ever.
→ Discover his new book: Infinite Powers

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