CIS - "Get to know your neighbors" Seminar series - Prof. Paolo De Los Rios


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Date 12.09.2022 15:1516:15  
Speaker Prof. Paolo De Los Rios
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Title: Exploring the sequence landscape space of proteins
Abstract: Protein folding occurs spontaneously, as shown to us by Anfinsen, because the folding instructions are encoded in the amino-acid sequence.
Yet sequences from the same protein family fold to the same structure despite their sometimes-large differences, hinting at the possibility of learning. The folding rules by comparing many different instances (think of the Rosetta stone, which allowed understanding hieroglyphs).
Confident in the correctness of these idea, bioinformaticians first, and then physicists, developed a series of methods to extract these rules, culminating recently, upon intervention of computer scientists, in the remarkable success of AlphaFold (AF).
After a brief review of the history of the methods, I will show some pre-AF successful applications. I will then show how there is a natural convergence of deep (but not necessarily so deep) learning methods and ideas from statistical mechanics and how we can exploit these still simple approaches
as a discovery tool.

The Center for Intelligent Systems at EPFL (CIS) is a collaboration among IC, ENAC, SB; SV and STI that brings together researchers working on different aspects of Intelligent Systems.
In order to promote exchanges among researchers and encourage the creation of new, collaborative projects, CIS is organizing a "Get to know your neighbors" series. Each seminar will consist of one short overview presentation geared to the general public at EPFL.   
The CIS seminar will take place In hybrid mode: Room INF 328 and by Zoom:

Please connect to your zoom account using your "" address, as this live event is only open to the EPFL community
Monday, September 12th, 2022 from 3:15 to 4:15 pm
NB: Video recordings of the seminars will be made available on our website and published on our social media pages

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