Data Detox : reprends le contrôle de tes données personnelles


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Date 30.08.2018 25.10.2018
Rolex Learning Center
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Connected devices, geolocation, trackers, browsing history, social networks… The report is without call: you are permanently tracked by your connected devices. And the digital data you leave behind you is used and sold by data brokers. Want to regain control over your personal data? EPFL Library offers you a Data Detox cure.

Intended for all audiences, the Data Detox exhibition explains in a simple way how and why it is essential to regain control over your personal data. You start with a health check of your digital identity. Accounts forgotten or lost on social networks, browsers infested with tracking spies: a big cleanup is needed. You will also become aware that the Internet has been completely centralized by large commercial groups that have a monopoly on the data circulating on it: your personal data!

The route of this interactive exhibition, divided into four themes (Geolocation, Browsers, Social Networks and Alternative Solutions), is punctuated with exercises to be carried out on the tablets made available or directly on your connected devices. Download the brochure to make all the settings at home, at your own pace. The last stage of the exhibition offers you alternative and concrete tools and solutions to continue browsing the Internet in a secure way, while protecting your personal data.

Take part in Data Detox events
  • “Protégez votre vie privée numérique”
    Jeudi 25 octobre 2018, 10h-11h30 ou 12h15-13h45
    Rolex Learning Center
    Vous souhaitez reprendre le contrôle de vos données personnelles et mieux paramétrer vos appareils connectés? Après un court bilan de santé de votre identité numérique, vous mettrez en pratique certains des outils présentés dans l’exposition. Nombre de personnes limitées par atelier.
  • Exhibition closing aperitif
    Thursday 25 October 2018
    Startting at 17.30
    Rolex Learning Center

More information
Data Detox: Reprends le contrôle de tes données personnelles
30.08.2018 – 25.10.2018
Rolex Learning Center – EPFL
Free entry, 7/7, 7-midnight
Dissemination and licensing
Brochure and panels under CC BY-NC-SA license.
All exhibition material can be freely downloaded.
The exhibition panels content, and the brochure exercises are strongly inspired:
• From the course “Data Detox Kit, the detox program in 8 days” by the Mozilla Foundation and the Tactical Technology Collective, accessed on 13.08.2018 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
• From the “Me and My Shadow: Take control of your data” website, accessed on 31.07.2018 CC BY-SA 3.0
The exhibition and this brochure are not exhaustive in terms of data protection and privacy on the Internet. Do not hesitate to contact the Library for more information: [email protected] or +41 21 693 21 56

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