Data Management Planning Bootcamp


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Date and time 23.09.2021 09:3012:00  
Place and room
Speaker EPFL Library Research Data Team
Event Language English
Category Conferences - Seminars
Planning your data management is an adventure with no end ! That's why we want to offer you a bootcamp, whatever your experience with data management is.
In this bootcamp, you will be able to :
  • Ask any question about research data management to a team of experts
  • Set up a strategy for data management planning (in the form of a DMP or not)
  • Get feedback from your peers about your challenges
The bootcamp starts at 09:00 with a short introduction and has an open end based on your needs.
The bootcamp is for all levels, so if you are totally to research data management, we encourage you to check the following resources beforehand:


Practical information

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  • Free


  • EPFL Library Research Data Team


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