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DFAB101: Designing 3D Objects with Fusion360


Event details

Date and time 09.05.2019 18:0020:00  
Place and room
Speaker Sam Sulaimanov from Octanis
Category Internal trainings

Heard of 3d printing but don't know how to make parts to print? We've all been there. Let us show you how to use Fusion360, a popular CAD tool in the maker community, to make 3d-printable parts. Whether you want to make a replacement part for your broken vacuum cleaner or design advanced hyperloop parts, we'll show you where to get started!

Bring your laptop if you want to install Fusion 360.

Learning Objectives
- Making 2d sketches
- Taking sketches to the third dimension
- Exporting to 3d printable STL files
- Using a slicer tool (with presets) to start a 3d print

Practical information

  • General public
  • Registration required


  • Octanis Association (octanis.org)


  • info@octanis.org

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