Digital Dilemmas: Building Digital Resilience in Humanitarian Crises


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Date 21.05.2024
Hour 18:0021:00
Speaker Martin Vetterli, Gilles Carbonnier, Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, Ariane Bauer, Carmela Troncoso, Katharina Frey, Anton Aschwanden, Grégoire Castella
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
When digital technologies intersect with humanitarian crises, understanding the risks and opportunities they can bring is paramount. Digital Dilemmas: Building Digital Resilience in Humanitarian Crises will explore the real-life consequences technology can have for vulnerable populations in conflict zones. Organized by the EPFL EssentialTech Centre and the ICRC, in partnership with the EPFL Center for Digital Trust (C4DT), it builds on the themes explored by Digital Dilemmas: Humanitarian Consequences, an immersive exhibition at EPFL Pavilions (May 3 - July 14).

Speakers will delve into the digital risks for people affected by humanitarian crises and map out actionable steps that stakeholders across various sectors — ranging from humanitarians, academia, government, to the private sector — can take to address these pressing challenges.

The discussion will also examine the existence of digital dilemmas in peacetime and explore questions regarding how users can be more responsible in their digital usage and how tech providers can be more accountable.

Through engaging talks and dialogue, participants will explore and strategize effective solutions to mitigate digital dilemmas.

You will find here more information on the immersive exhibition Digital Dilemmas: Humanitarian Consequences, hosted at EPFL Pavilions from May 3 to July 14, 2024 and presented by the EPFL EssentialTech Centre and the ICRC with EPFL Pavilions, in partnership with the EPFL Center for Digital Trust (C4DT).

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  • 17:30 - Doors open 
  • 18:00 - Welcome statement from Martin Vetterli, President of EPFL
  • 18:10 - Introduction by Gilles Carbonnier, Vice-President of ICRC
  • 18:20 - Panel discussion moderated by Grégoire Castella, Head of Humanitarian Division, EssentialTech Centre. 
  • Ariane Bauer, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, ICRC 
  • Carmela Troncoso, Associate Professor, Security and Privacy Engineering, EPFL SPRING Lab
  • Katharina Frey, Deputy Head of Division for Digital Foreign Policy, FDFA
  • Anton Aschwanden, Head of Public Policy for International Geneva & Switzerland, Google
  • 19:00 - Discussion and Q&A
  • 19:35 - Concluding remarks by Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, Associate Vice President for Centers and Platforms
  • 19:45 - Apéritif and music by GVA Sessions
  • 21:00 - The end

Practical information

  • General public
  • Registration required


  • ICRC, EPFL EssentialTech Centre, EPFL Centre for Digital Trust (C4DT)



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